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Blower Exchange Program

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Blower Exchange Program

For more information about our Blower Exchange Program please contact one of our Service Representatives.

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As a leading manufacturing of mobile vacuum equipment Custom Vac Services Ltd. has a large inventory of parts and equipment.

Overview - Reduced Downtime

Custom Vac Services goal is to reduce your downtime associated with blower repairs and/or failures. Repairs can take time to complete, time that you could be making money. Many repairs require specialty parts to be manufactured and/or shipped to us before we can begin work. That means more time is lost before your Vac unit is back up and making you money. So, Custom Vac Services has developed our blower exchange program to get you back up and running, with minimal delay. This translates into less downtime, and less lost revenue for you.

How it works

You call Custom Vac and let us know you have a unit down with a blower issue. We will ask you a few basic questions ie: Blower manufacturer (Hibon/ Robuschi/ etc.) Model # & Serial #. We will ask you how quick you can get the unit to us, and book it in. We will remove your blower & replace it with one of our re-manufactured blowers that will provide you with the same as new performance & reliability at a fraction of the cost of a new blower. You are only charged the amount that it takes to recondition your blower back to like new tolerances & performance conditions. The re-manufactured blower goes back into our blower exchange program. Our turn around time is typically 1 to 2 days once we get the unit in our capable hands. The results are maximum productivity and lower costs.


The obvious benefit is that we get you back up and running as fast as possible, at substantially less cost than buying a new blower. You are also helping the environment by returning end of life components to as new condition by reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce new parts. Through re-manufacturing, we make one of the greatest contributions to sustainable development, keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.


Custom Vac Services blower exchange program helps you minimize machine downtime and manage your operating costs. You get the benefit of a like new blower immediately at a reduced price. There is no waiting for parts to come in to repair your blower, and you help the environment by recycling.
Custom Vac Services can and will repair not only our own manufactured units, but also competitor built units as well. We are here to help you get back to what you are good at making money!

Our blower exchange program is just one of many value added services we can provide.

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